This is the end of the chapter LEVEL 3 in Not Sand Not Sound where The Follovver is mentioned.

… “Why is this chapter called LEVEL 3 and not Shine the Light or I Had This Thing to call my own? That’s a tribute to The Gods of Informatics where LEVEL 3 was established for Shine the Light in future times. You must have smelled it already, privacy is classified, we run on open privacy. Hold your breath. The future can’t be different. Soon you see why.

You say, “but I have applied for becoming a follovver.” I don’t speak of this option. I know only one person ever who got this right. It seems this person has nothing published at all, just one article I found in rezmagazine in the year 2017. So it has to be another world, another book, maybe the book of The Follovver? I would love to write this book when I am there, in the other world. How many ahn to go to enter the gate of NOR? Right now it seems the book of The Follovver is not written and I promise you that you will not be the one writing it. And if you like to get proof why you will not make it then check out at follower.today and you will get the message: “The Follower performance is not currently open for applicants.” You notice the spelling mistake? It is done on a purpose. So let us come back to the insight: The future can’t be different. We run on open privacy.”

Read in rezmagazine 10/2017 about this all …

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