Inspired by follower.today, created by Lauren McCarthy.

What makes the folloVVer so special?

VV # 007

I sit on my chair, a Recaro SPORTSTER CS, special edition, costed me 5 bucks, yeah 5,000 to be clear. It reacts on a wink, a pilot in the air force would be jealous to have. I oversee the maps. Where is the person I follow? Shall I follow now or later, when to take the picture? I see the sim names. Sim Claressa, a good place to follow to take a shot. I land. To be precise, I teleport in the neighbour sim Penning and set my radar on 1,024 meter. This way I oversee the full area, Claressa included. I see what the one I follow does, to whom talking, where looking at. I make my photo so my money box gets filled when my day ends. Linden love it is called as the money comes tax free.

My mother is, better to say was, not happy when I explained her my job to follow people in the Metaverse, to get extra love from my customers when I log their chat. For this I have a long stick, a megaprim, fully transparent and at the end a simple prim with a chat logger script. Extra love, I can die for it, better again to say, “I did die for it.” When I bought my mother a brand new fridge, auto filling by the RFID, she was very happy. This way I can skip the walk to the grocery store. But I can tell you these times are over. I learned from another book, the one that is often mentioned in Not Sand, Not Sound. I will not tell you the title, I need to a keep a bit of distance, the money you know, the American dream. Now I have the files coming in direct from the servers, no need for the stick as a logger. I have dozens of maps open. I follow dozens in parallel. I learned that more than ten customers a day to track is too exhausting. You ask, “Is your screen so tiny that you can open and oversee only ten maps?“ No, my screen is 4K and big and I could handle indeed more – and to stay in the picture of money …

Money is not peace of mind.

Money’s not happiness.

Money is, at its essence …

That measure of a man’s choices.

I tell you a secret. I don’t have to clean eight Million USD in three month. For me things are different. I live for quality not quantity. I am a hunter and I like each prey. This job needs full concentration. So at the end of the day I lift my ass out of the Recaro SPORTSTER CS and go hunting for the most promising one I followed for one day. My mom is happy, “Finally you get out for some fresh air …”

You instantly see there is room for more to tell as the hunt has just started. I spoke with Art Blue about the American dream, how shall I call it. He said, “Call it Stalker 2.0.”

Not sure if everyone will get the idea, not many know even what Web 2.0 means. But I kept this for myself and claimed just the domain stalker20.com, you never know … you know what I mean?

Read the full story in rezmagazine 10/2017.